The Climate Reality Project Northern Virginia

Photo of chapter members supporting the Farmer’s for Climate Action rally on March 7, 2023 in Washington, DC.


We are a diverse and dedicated group of climate activists in the northern Virginia suburbs of our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Formed in 2017, the chapter supports Climate Reality’s national campaigns and provides members the chance to meet and work with other passionate advocates to bring clean energy to our community.

Chapter members come from a wide range of ages and occupations, from retired accountants to high school students to new parents. Some chapter members bring a lifetime of experience. Some are just getting started as activists. The only requirement is a commitment to making a difference.

We are working together to make a real difference in our community – and you can too.

“Click Here” to Fight Climate Change!

The Climate Action Now app makes it exceptionally easy to take meaningful climate action on your phone in just seconds or minutes. Most actions you take earn points, and when you’ve earned enough points, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf. Download the app via the Climate Action Now web site.

Concern re Enviro Impact of Loudoun’s Data Centers

Climate Reality Leader Natalie Pien recently penned an op-ed in Loudoun Now regarding her concern over the environmental impact of Loudoun County’s “Data Center Alley” and the need to evaluate the effects: “Collectively, Loudoun’s Data Center Alley consumes enough electricity to power five times the number of homes in Loudoun.” Read more here.